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They are the future! Thanks to our network of committed partners alongside girls, BECOMTECH has trained more than 435 Ambassadors since 2017. Together with our local and national partners, we also employ more than 200 collaborators with our programme participants.


  • a methodology based on active pedagogies,
  • a quality requirement, a strong network of private and public partners,
  • a national territorial network,
  • a team of professionals with technical expertise in digital and gender equality issues.


    Becoming a partner of BECOMTECH means joining:

    • an impactful societal action,
    • an educational project for equal opportunities,
    • a growing dynamic, an innovative and responsible association
    • a movement for girls, youth, gender diversity, digital inclusion.


    4 ways to support BECOMTECH:

    1. Become a corporate/foundation partner with a sponsorship donation
    2. Allocate your education tax to BECOMTECH (companies)
    3. Take on a product-sharing operation
    4. Donate your computer hardware (example: 18 PCs and 18 identical mice)

      Contact Lisa Fouilleul, Partnership Manager, by e-mail l.fouilleul@becomtech.fr or by phone 06 41 48 61 13.


    Work for diversity, inclusion, emancipation, and equal opportunities, it’s possible! The good news is, there’s nothing stopping you from changing the world with us. Foundations, companies, public or private structures, school leaders, teachers, parents, associations, youth workers, as well as individuals, your support can take on many forms.

    Lisa Fouilleul, Partnership Manager, will be happy to provide you with further information.

    Committed to us

    Jean-Sébastien Lassus, Assistant Principal at Lycée Maurice Utrillo

    “Encourage diversity! Getting BECOMTECH involved in our establishment has helped to break down stereotypes and preconceived ideas around inequality between boys and girls, lay sexist prejudices to rest and give our pupils something to think about. This discussion time between our pupils and the BECOMTECH speakers was very interesting, instructive and interactive. Our pupils discovered the range of training and prospects offered by the digital sector.”

    Manon Gallet, Teacher-Librarian, Collège Flora Tristan, Carrières-sous-Poissy

    “We’ve worked with BECOMTECH for several years now and we’re always very satisfied. The team is dynamic and ready to listen. The content offered to the students is always relevant and appreciated. The in-class presentations are very effective, even remotely, and the JUMP IN TECH program is a success every single year.”

    Gabriel Mandelbaum, CEO and Co-founder SPIDEO

    “Ambitious and urgent, BECOMTECH is an incredible driving force that picks up the future digital stars every year. At Spideo, we’ve worked alongside BECOMTECH since it was first set up. We share many of the organization’s founding values as well as the same offices. And that changes everything: we spend every day together, we’ve seen their abundance of projects and Spiedo’s female developers get involved in JUMP IN TECH. They’re always interesting and particularly inspiring discussions.”

    Marie-Agnès Voisin, Principale Collège des Gratte-Ciel Morice Leroux

    “For more than three years, the teams at the Collège des Gratte-Ciel Morice Leroux have benefitted from sessions with the enthusiastic and efficient BECOMTECH speakers. This initiative, for which we share both the content and teaching method suited to our audience, is hugely satisfying. BECOMTECH’s message is essential and the investment of its team and Ambassadors in this wonderful project has a clear influence on our school’s pupils. We hope to continue and expand this wonderful collaboration and partnership.”

    Juliette Ovelacq, Regional Representative West, Break Poverty Foundation

    “The ambition of the Break Poverty Foundation is to help shape a society where every young person has the same chances of success, whatever their start in life. BECOMTECH is fully behind this objective: by helping to open up possibilities for young girls, especially those from modest backgrounds, and boosting their self-confidence, the association lays the foundations of a chosen career path.”

    Hervé Felgerolles, Territorial Representative for Digital in Education, Deputy Academic Representative for Digital in Education, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes academic region

    “The Lyon DRANE (Digital Regional Commission for Education) promotes initiatives such as BECOMTECH’s in order to boost the appeal and feminization of the digital professions. Reducing the digital divide and strengthening digital skills are challenges shared with BECOMTECH, which we support to enrich our own action.”

    Christian Ponsolle, Chairman, MAIF Education Fund

    “The MAIF Education Fund supports original and innovative initiatives promoting access to education and knowledge sharing. By supporting BECOMTECH, we want to help raise awareness of the digital sectors among young girls and maybe even encourage new career paths!”


    Thank you to all our partners and supporters.