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Apprenticeship Tax

Give girls the ambition of digital through your apprenticeship tax!

What is “education tax”?

“Apprenticeship tax” is a tax payable by companies on their payroll (art. L6241-2 of the Labour Code). It aims to promote equal access to learning and contributes to the financing of actions aimed at developing learning, guidance, and integration. This is the only tax that companies get to choose to allocate! The “apprenticeship tax” consists of two elements:

● a main share (formerly 87%) that finances the apprenticeship training ;
● a remaining balance (formerly 13%) that finances both the initial technological/vocational training and also non-profits who specialize in guidance or integration. This balance is allocated by companies to the organizations of their choice through the SoltéA platform.
The association BECOMTECH is eligible for the remaining balance of the 2023 apprenticeship tax.

How is the apprenticeship tax broken down?

Apprenticeship tax 2023


The main share
It is dedicated to financing training by apprenticeship. It represents 0,59% of your gross salary in 2022.

The remaining balance of the “apprenticeship tax”
It supports apprenticeship training and the associations working for guidance and professional integration. It represents 0.09% of your gross salary in 2022.


You can allocate your balance to the association BECOMTECH

starting from May on the SoltéA platform

What are the payment methods?

Starting from 2023, the balance of the apprenticeship tax will be collected annually by the URSSAF and the MSA, and be paid to the “Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations” (CDC). The SOLTéA platform will be available from May 2023 by the CDC, which will then allow employers to choose the structures to which the balance of the 2023 apprenticeship tax will be sent.


From May 1st to September 7th

Companies choose the establishments they wish to support on the SOLTéA platform


July 15th

Period of payment of funds to institutions by the CDC


September 15th

Period of payment of funds to institutions by the CDC


October 15th

Period of payment of funds to institutions by the CDC

How to pay your apprenticeship tax 2023 to BECOMTECH ?

  1. Make your pledge to BECOMTECH via this form for the association to assist you with payment details


  1. Choose BECOMTECH as a
    beneficiary of your education tax on the SoltéA platform (available from April 2023)

Why allocate your education tax to BECOMTECH?

1. To broaden girls’ career prospects and give them the ambition to go digital

2. To develop girls’ computer and digital skills

3. To give girls access to IT, digital and tech jobs

Contact Lisa FOUILLEUL, l.fouilleul@becomtech.fr / 06 41 48 61 13